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What to talk about
  • Tell the person as much as you can about what is bothering you.

  • If it’s hard to talk about the problem, let the person know you’re having a hard time. They can help by asking questions and letting you answer.

  • Try not to leave anything out, even if you think it might get someone in trouble.

  • You can go to the Stress Hacks for Kids: Feelings part of this website and make a Feelings Booklet from the guide there. This can help you to talk about your concern.

What if someone gets in trouble because I talked to somebody? Even if you’re worried about getting someone in trouble, you need to talk to somebody about your problems. Here’s why:

  • Sometimes people do things that break rules or laws. If they’ve done something bad, telling somebody can help keep others safe.

  • Sometimes people have trouble making good choices, for many reasons.

  • Telling somebody about the problem doesn’t mean you made the problem happen – it’s not your fault!

  • Everyone needs to be safe and get the help they need.

Remember, it’s better to get help than to feel bad about something. There might be more parts to the problem than you can solve on your own – it’s always better to have others help you out.