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Stress Relief

Identify some things that make you feel better. Here are some examples:

  • Listen to calming music.

  • Write your feelings down on paper to help make things more clear.

  • Make a list of the things you need to keep track of (for example tests and assignments you need to prepare for).

  • Ask someone for helping ideas (like a parent, friend or teacher).

  • Make a Feelings Book.

  • Do something relaxing (have a warm bath or take time to do something you really like to do such as a sport, or art activity).

You can also try some quick stress relievers:

    1. Try picturing your favorite place (maybe your bedroom or backyard) for a few moments. If you use your imagination you can picture yourself being calm and happy there.

    2. You can also try taking some deep breaths and counting to 10. Breathe in and out slowly and concentrate on letting the stress feelings go out of your body. Picture your favorite color as you breathe.

    3. Remembering a good time with your family or friends can also help you to feel better. Try to relive a good memory, and focus on the good feeling this creates.