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Helpers & Educators

What does stress mean in today’s world?

Helpers see the ongoing effects of stress, and the complexity of today’s society in their work with youth and families every day.

Helpers can have roles in many areas – in mental health, justice, child welfare, and other social service agencies. Helpers also work in food banks, community centres, self-help organizations, and just about anywhere else youth and their families access services.

Educators also have multiple roles with youth and families. Educators provide instruction and foster an environment where learning and growth can occur. They also coach, supervise, mentor and support youth and families in a variety of ways.

Helpers & Educators need access to good resources in their work. Stress Hacks has helpful information on approaching youth with concerns, on engaging families in the process, on finding and developing resources, among other topics.

Check out “Supporting Positive Mental Health Throughout Early Childhood” a booklet developed in partnership with Healthy Child Manitoba providing quick and easy access to good information on early childhood issues.

The Mental Health and Getting Help sections provide good information and ways to effectively seek help.

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