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Stress Hacks

  • Mental Health and Wellness
    • – for teens – numerous topics, about feelings, body image, parents, families, dealing with problems.
    • – for kids – about feelings, staying safe, staying healthy.
    • – ideas on how to help a friend improve self-esteem
    • / counselling and support in Winnipeg or here
  • Stress / Relax
  • Feelings
    • – feelings, and how to deal with different situations
    • – Feelings of sadness, grief and loss, other topics
    • Breakup Shakeup ~provides ideas for fun, easy things to do to help young people cope after a breakup.
      Available on iOS.
  • Self-Esteem and Acceptance
  • Mindfulness & Spirituality
    • – prompts for taking joy out of simple things in life
    • – a section on “mindfulness for teens”
    • If you want to learn more about spirituality, check out this books: Fire in the Heart – A Spiritual Guide for Teens by Deeprak Chopra, Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
  • Asking for Help for Yourself
    • See our “Services Map” button, or the “Need Help Now?” button, for places and programs near you who can help.
    • – for people, places and things you can use to help yourself.
    • – tips finding low-cost mental health care
  • New to Canada
    • Multicultural Wellness is Mount Carmel Clinic’s free counselling service for newcomers (immigrant, refugees). Services available in several languages

Health Hacks

  • Health
    • – information and resources for teen health, sexuality, body image and more
    • – desktop and mobile friendly app to find Manitoba teen clinics near you
    • – information on puberty, sleep, exercise, nutrition and health forums
    • MindGauge~with simple research-based quizzes and tools, Mindgaugehelps you track your mood and lifestyle, so you can move towards a healthier happier you.
      Available on AndroidandiOS.
  • Sleep
  • Fit and Active, Exercise
    • – how exercise helps your mental and physical health.
    • – click on “Keeping Fit and Having Fun” and “Being good to my body”
  • Healthy Eating
  • Body Image and Eating Disorders
    • – for good information about eating disorders and Manitoba treatment services
    • – Website of the National Eating Disorders Information Centre (Canada) Toll Free: 1-866-633-4220
    • – detailed clinical information about Anorexia Nervosa and Related Eating Disorders. U.S. site
    • -image body image, expectations, and help.
    • – eating for good mental health, positive strategies.
    • – includes a quiz on eating issues
    • – includes a list of helpful books
  • Alcohol
    • – a directory of Youth Addictions Services in Manitoba
    • – youth addictions services from Addictions Foundation of Manitoba
    • AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) Manitoba General Service for men, women and teens struggling with alcohol addiction, wanting mutual support to recover
    • The Al-anon Family Groups are a fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholics who share their experience, strength, and hope in order to solve their common problems.
    • – alcohol and drug use, including videos of youth stories
  • Drug Use
  • Self-Harm; Cutting
    • why people self-injure, how to get help, and how to help a friend.
    • – information on Cutting and other forms of self-injury, how to resist, treatment options, personal experiences.
    • – information on self-injury, coping strategies, written by a teen
  • Homelessness
  • The Teen Brain

Life Hacks

  • School Hacks
  • Bullying and Cyberbullying
  • Feeling Alone?
  • Healthy Sexuality and Gender Identity
    • Teen Talk is a Youth Health Education Program of Klinic Community Health. They provide harm reduction, and prevention education on sexuality, reproductive health, body image, substance use awareness, mental health, issues of diversity and anti-violence issues.
    • Sexuality Education Resource Centre (SERC) Manitoba is a community-based organization dedicated to promoting sexual health through education.
    • Rainbow Resource Centre – serving Manitoba’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and two spirit communities
    • Klinic: Transgender Support and primary health care for those dealing with gender identity and related issues.
    • GDAAY: transgender program for children and youth specifically, offering support for assessment/diagnosis, treatment options and referrals
    • Regional Health Authorities: for a contact list of each RHA; they provide services in the area of sexuality, sexual health, reproductive health, STI testing and treatment, and more.
  • Money
  • Family Problems
  • Abuse
  • Talking about problems
    • – click on “Dealing with Problems” great info on communication skills
  • Talking to a Professional
    • – Q&A by Dr. Stan Kutcher, including common myths and misperceptions
    • – Q&A on talking to a trusted teacher or school personnel.
    • – sections on helping yourself, helping friends, talking to a doctor, counselor or therapist.
    • – suggestions on who you can talk to, and how you can find help for your problems.
  • Pause. Connect. Reset.
    • Coping Skills
    • Finding Balance
      • – life balance education and programs at Klinic Community Health Centre

Mental Health Concerns

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bi-Polar Disorder
  • Schizophrenia and Psychosis
    • – Website of the Manitoba Schizophrenia Society; information, education, peer support for persons experiencing schizophrenia, psychosis, their friends and families.
    • – good information about the signs, symptoms, and treatment options
    • – good information on a variety of concerns about psychosis
    • – a good video “Mike’s Story” detailing lived experience of psychosis
    • – for information on the link between marijuana and psychosis.
  • Suicide and Suicide Prevention
    If you or a friend are feeling suicidal, or have a plan to end your life, please call 9-1-1, or click on the Need Help Now button for crisis services near you.



(see also the Helpers and Educators section)

Health Information

  • Mental Health Definition for families
    • – Official website of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychology Health Hacks for Families
    • – and child behaviour
  • Young Brains Growing and Developing

Communication Section

  • Cyberbullying & Social Media
    • – RCMP’s Centre for Youth Crime Prevention tips and guidelines for parents and teens, on cyberbullying, social media, and identity theft.
    • – rules and guidelines on internet safety, chat rooms, and online activities.
    • This Canadian site focuses on cyberbullying and internet use, how to combat the problem and get help.
  • Resolving Differences

Getting Help

Helpers & Educator

Health Information

  • Mental Health, Wellness, Development and Resources
    • Healthy Child Manitoba – development from early childhood to adolescence. Links to Manitoba Parent Zone.
    • Healthy Schools: information on physical, mental health, substance abuse & addiction, healthy sexuality and more
    • Kids Help Phone – Teens : this site has information aimed at both kids and teens. Also offers “Resources Around Me” where youth can locate local resources
    • Mind your Mind :aimed at teens has interactive information (games and videos) and shared personal expressions by youth.
    • – information on cyber- and social media bullying, coping and friendships
    • – a Manitoba site with youth education on sexuality health, reproductive health, body image, substance use awareness, mental health, issues of diversity and anti-violence.
    • We R Kids Mental Health – mental health information for parents and care-givers, as well as concussions and recovery
    • – support to youth and young adults through education (including videos of youth telling personal stories) information, and self-care.
    • Teen Mental Health/teenbrain – mental health info for teens and young adults, educators, parents and professionals. Evidenced based information, including tools such as “Transitions” a workplan for transitioning from high school to college environments.
    • Mental Health Commission of Canada – the national resource in Canada for strategies, information, recovery, youth campaigns and more.
  • Fact Sheets for Helpers & Educator
    • Wraparound Protocol for Children and Youth with Severe to Profound Emotional and Behavioural Disorders
    • Bridging to Adulthood: A Protocol for Transitioning Students with Exceptional Needs from School to Community
    • Education and Child and Family Services Protocol for Children and Youth in Care
    • Companion Guide: Education and Child and Family Services Protocol for Children and Youth in Care
    • School Registration Form: Children in Care
    • : Developed by the Canadian Paediatric Society and a network of experts and organizations, the site has evidence-based information on assessment and screening, medical conditions, mental health, child development, and much more. It also has tools, checklists, links to local resources, and information about the Canadian health care system.
    • Refugee Mental Health – Childen and Youth -Refugee Mental Health and Addictions Fact Sheet for Srvice Providers

Getting Help

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