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Supporting your Child or Teen

Deciding to seek assistance for a child or teen is not an easy decision for families, and can be intimidating. Your child or teen may be concerned about speaking to a helping professional and may be shy or nervous about the appointment. You might even feel the same way.

Encourage your child or teen to talk openly and honestly with the helper you choose. Try to provide reassurance that even if mistakes have been made, you can all learn and find the best way to go forward together. Try to remember that mistakes – whether they are yours or the child or teen’s – are opportunities to learn and move forward from so that you can have a better future.

If your child is pre-teen or teenaged, you may wish to allow them some privacy during appointments. The helper may ask to see you both together for some of the time, and then ask for time alone with the child or teen. This is quite usual and helps everyone to feel comfortable and to speak openly.

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