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When a child’s life, emotional well-being or physical health is put at risk by something someone does or doesn’t do (such as getting needed medical help or adequate food and shelter) then that child is in need of protection under The Child and Family Services Act of Manitoba.

Quite often kids and teens feel very conflicted about reporting abuse or neglect, especially if it involves a family member. It can be very confusing when someone causes harm or fails to provide a safe place to live.

Teens may be concerned about what will happen to the family and if people will get into trouble. And sometimes kids and teens have been told not to share information about their family and their living situation.

If you think there is abuse happening in your situation, it is important to try to talk to someone for safety reasons. You may need help in deciding what to do next and where to go for help. Sharing your concerns with a trusted adult can help get help if you need it or you may need to get immediate help if the situation is dire.

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