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Mental Health & Wellness

What is Mental Health?

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Mental health is part of your overall health – both your mind and body.

It’s about:

  • how you feel, think, and behave
  • how you cope with the ups and downs of everyday life
  • how you feel about yourself and your life
  • how you see yourself and your future
  • how stress affects you
  • how you deal with the stresses that happen in your life
  • your self-confidence and belief in yourself
Youth Mental Health In Canada poster

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Feelings are a big part of your mental health and wellness. Most young people feel anger, sadness and worry from time to time, but these are not a big part of every day.

Feelings come and go as life’s ups and downs come and go. If these types of feelings are a constant part of your every day, or if they affect the things you do such as going to school, you might have questions about mental health concerns.

It helps to know some facts about kids and mental health:

  • 1 in 5 kids struggle with their mental health.
  • If you are feeling sad, down or angry or worry a lot, you are not alone.
  • Mental health concerns can happen to any young person, regardless of their age or what their life is like.
  • These concerns can affect a child or youth the same as any other illness, like asthma or diabetes.
  • There’s no one to blame for mental health struggles and there is no shame in it.

If you are having some concerns about your mental health, what should you do?

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