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Family Stress

Families all look very different … and life changes can leave your family looking differently than it used to.

Many different factors can affect a family’s living arrangements – financial issues, health issues, legal issues, the need to move away to find work, or to temporarily return to another community to care for a relative.

All these factors affect how you live and work together. Some situations are so stressful that they’re scary, like serious health or addiction issues, legal problems or abuse.

It may be hard for you to think about the stresses on your family because you don’t understand the situation, aren’t given all the information or are being protected by the adults in your life. It’s easy to feel confused and overwhelmed.

If you think you or someone you know is in an abusive situation, we have more information.

Do you know how to deal with stress in your family?

Figuring out Family Stresses

  • Try to find a responsible family member, trusted adult or helping professional and talk about the stress
  • Try to get all the information. What we imagine is going to happen can oftentimes be worse than what really is going on.
  • Take some time to try and adjust to new situations. There will likely be a period of adjustment for everyone and change can be difficult.
  • Remember your coping skills for stressful times.
  • Remember to be safe when using the coping skills and resources that you have. Do you like to go for a walk when you need to calm down and think? Make sure you keep yourself safe and walk in safe areas and at safe times of day. Try to find ways to feel better and at the same time be safe. If you cause your family more stress by taking risks, it will cause more stress for you too.
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